PMD Clean is ES Magazine

ES Magazine writer, Annabel Rivkin, fell in love with the amazing effects of the PMD Clean and it’s ability to reawaken her skin from the harshness of winter. Annabel found her primary love of the device came not from cleansing, but from being able to massage her facial oils and moisturizers deeper into the skin!

“Since using it for a couple of minutes most nights, I am neither flaky nor spotty, and my pores seem less…well…gaping”

Annabel noted the key differences between the PMD Clean and other facial cleansing devices. The PMD Clean’s Silicone design means it’s easy to clean, antibacterial, and the brush head never needs to be replaced!

“The silicone bristles are gentle yet persistent enough to invigorate the skin and reawaken it from it’s winter sulk”

Not only did Annabel find the PMD Clean to be amazing for awakening winter skin, but she also noted the PMD Clean’s ability of helping the skin be more prepared for makeup.

“The PMD Clean would also be worth using with a rich moisturizer before party makeup to create luminosity and provide a truly hospitable canvas for foundation”