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PopSugar Reviews the PMD Clean: “My Pregnant Skin Has Been Terribly Dull — Until I Found This Miracle Worker”

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and often leads to beautiful, glowing skin! But what about when it doesn’t? Our hormones can have massive effects on our skin, and feeling down about your skin isn’t what women want to be focusing on during such a beautiful time!

That’s why Maggie Panos of PopSugar jumped at the opportunity to test the Personal Microderm Pro when her pregnancy skin caused dull, oily skin with blackheads.

The Personal Microderm Pro is the perfect at home treatment for dull skin, uneven skin skin tone and texture, dark spots and hyper pigmentation, enlarged pores, and fine lines and wrinkles! The Personal Microderm uses a spinning disc embedded with aluminum oxide crystals to exfoliate away the entire top layer of dead, dull skin and stimulates the cell turnover process- revealing a fresh layer of new skin. Additionally, the Personal Microderm uses perfectly calibrated vacuum suction to trigger the production of collagen elastin.

You will feel the difference after the very first use of the Personal Microderm Pro!

Check out Maggie’s full article on PopSugar to learn more about her Personal Microderm Pro experience.