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Our in-house estheticians and skincare experts are available to provide personalized consultations and product expertise. Call, text, or message us about your skincare concerns. We can’t wait to help you!

Chelsea Luckett, Master Esthetician

“I have always had a love for skincare and beauty which led me to become a master esthetician. I have now worked in the beauty industry for 9 years and I absolutely love it! If I can help educate people to feel confident enough to do an at-home microdermabrasion treatment, I am all for it!”

—Chelsea L.

Nicole Sutera, Master Esthetician

“I have been a master esthetician for over 4 years and have truly found my passion! I geek out over finding the latest technologies in skincare and innovating to make them accessible to consumers for at-home use! I love that I get to make an impact at an individual level when I work with customers directly for consultations, but I also love that I can take customer feedback and my knowledge of the industry into product development and impact the lives of many with an innovative new product.”

—Nicole S.

Emily Baez, Master Esthetician

“My journey into the world of skincare began because I had a hard time with my skin when I was a teen and struggled with severe acne. I wanted to feel beautiful in my own skin, but I had a hard time finding any skin care products that would work for me. I started doing my own research and fell in love with the science of skin care which led me to become a master esthetician! I love to help people feel confident in their own skin, and I was drawn to PMD because they believe what I believe—that brilliant confidence can be cultivated in people of all ages. Empowering individuals with knowledge and experience cultivates confidence.”

—Emily B.