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PMD Gua Sha RQ

PMD Gua Sha RQ

Inspired by Ancient Chinese culture, the PMD Gua Sha RQ’s 5 unique edges, curves, and points are the perfect way to massage, sculpt, and depuff the face and body.

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  • Reduce tension & inflammation
  • Promote lymphatic drainage
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Relieve tension from muscles
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

How to Use

Use the PMD Gua Sha RQ daily to massage, sculpt, and depuff the face and body.

How to Use


  • 01

    Apply skincare

  • 02

    Use long, straight edge on forehead and neck

  • 03

    Use curve on eyebrows, cheek bones and jaw

  • 04

    Use long, curve edge on cheeks

  • 05

    Use big edge on crows feet and under eyes

  • 06

    Use small point between eye brows, temples, and nasal area

  • 07

    Rinse with soap and water

Directional Guide

Directional Guide

  • Use tool at 45° angle
  • Glide in upward motion, except for on the neck

Tips & Tricks

  • Pair with Oil

    Use oil or serum to help the tool glide across the skin

  • Unique & Delicate

    PMD Gua Sha RQ is fragile. Handle with care. Each stone is handcrafted and unique.

  • Wash

    Rinse with warm soap & water after each use.

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